Child Care

We will be offering a child care services at the 2020 "I AM HER" conference. Child Care services will be held on the premises during day sessions only. If  this is a service you will be needing please register your child(ren) below and purchase ticket. 

Childcare Services Form
Please list any allergies your child may have. If none, please write N/A.


– Will food be provided for my child?

No. Food will not be provided for daycare attendees. However, you may bring snacks/food for your child(ren). *Exception: snacks and milk provided in nursery. Please specify with a volunteer if you’d like your child to have snacks provided or personal snacks.

– Can I fill out one registration if I have multiple children?

Unfortunately, each child will need to be registered separately.

– What is the age range?

We provide childcare services for ages 2 months to 11 years.

– What are the hours for childcare?

Childcare is provided for general sessions and workshops. Childcare center opens 15 minutes before the session begins and ends 15 minutes after the session ends. It is imperative that you adhere to the daycare schedule (to be provided) as to not have your child(ren) banned from daycare. Sessions that run back to back do not require pick-up in between sessions. .

– How do I sign up to volunteer for daycare?

If you would like to sign up for volunteer services, please email us